Tasha Sylvester

Fundraiser Friend, Owner

For several years, I have been collaborating with my good friend Shawna Willits, the owner of six Menchie's Frozen Yogurt locations in Utah, to help organize and market her school fundraisers.

Over the last three years, this collaboration has evolved into a streamlined marketing system that has significantly boosted business at the stores hosting the most fundraisers, with revenue increases ranging from 15% to 40%. This system not only increases business but also frees up Shawna to focus on other critical aspects of her operations.

The schools participating in these fundraisers receive 20% of all proceeds from purchases made during their events, which supports their various programs. Meanwhile, the stores enjoy enhanced marketing benefits, driving more traffic and sales.

Fundraiser Friend, the system I developed, simplifies and streamlines the entire fundraising process. It is designed to be hassle-free for business owners and quick and easy for PTA and PTO leaders to use. Fundraiser Friend provides custom marketing e-flyers, event reminders, mailing lists, mailers, fundraiser posters, team member instructions, and reminder stickers for kids. This comprehensive support makes the fundraising events much easier to participate in for everyone involved.

The impact on the community has been profound. Schools appreciate the engagement and excitement these fundraisers bring, as well as the additional support from Menchie's in the form of coupons and certificates.

PTA and PTO leaders consistently praise the dependable support and seamless experience provided by Menchie's fundraiser programs. Here are a couple of testimonials from PTA leaders who have used the system:

- "Menchie’s made it easy to schedule our fundraising event, sent us reminders, and provided a great image for flyers and promotions. The night of our event was busy but went very smoothly. We’re excited to work with Menchie’s again in the future for another Spirit Night!"

- "Menchie's was easy to work with in coordinating our school spirit night. I love the stickers as a reminder for the students. I also love that they create the flyer to use for advertising!"

Restaurant owners have expressed their satisfaction with how well the system works, noting that they receive many more fundraisers than they could manage on their own.

Currently, the average fundraiser revenue is $860, contributing to a 15-40% increase in annual revenue for participating stores.

What inspired me to create Fundraiser Friend was the fulfillment I get from building communities, supporting local businesses, and making life easier for busy owners and organizers who make a difference in their communities. Fundraiser marketing is a powerful, effective, and affordable option for businesses, and I am proud to be part of something that brings such positive change.